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Chrysler is debuting a new SRT in 2015 that should light the lots of dealers of Dodge, Chyrsler and Jeep vehicles on fire: the Barracuda. The 2015 SRT Barracuda is designed to replace the Dodge Challenger. The Barracuda will depart greatly from the car it is replacing in ways designed to make it sleeker, lighter and easier to drive. What changes should you look for in 2015?

Much Smaller Than the Challenger

One problem Chrysler ran into with the Challenger when it came time to sell it overseas was its size. As it progressed, it continued to get larger and larger. People interested in fuel economy weren’t interested in a heavy car. As a result, the Barracuda should lose about six inches in the wheel base. The rear track and overall width of the car should shrink by two inches while it will also be nearly eight inches shorter in length. All of these changes will drop the weight of the car by up to 300 pounds.

Suspension Changes

One of the biggest rumored changes is the projected change to the front suspension. The suspension may change from control arms to a strut setup. This setup is designed to save the car both weight and cost. The rear suspension is likely to stay multi-link but the geometry will change to minimize the size as well as the energy needed to use the suspension.


Chrysler knows that CAFE requirements are becoming more strict these days. As a result, they are likely to expand power-train options to include a 2.4 liter Tigershark inline 4-cylinder. This power-train may be force-fed. The V-6 option is still up in the air but at least one Hemi V-8 is very likely. Unfortunately Chrysler is not expected to offer both the 5.7 and 6.4 liter versions. The V-8 will include direct injection to help make the car more powerful and efficient. Any highly respected local repair shop should be able to explain these changes more fully.

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